Services Offered by Judika Illes

Metaphysical Consultations

Services offered include tarot and other forms of divination; spell-casting instructions and advice; dream interpretation; fertility work; spiritual advice, research, and match-making; horoscopes; and any combination of the preceding services.

Consultations are by telephone or Skype. I charge for my time, rather than for specific consulting services:

$75 for approximately 30 minutes

$200 for approximately 90 minutes

What is the difference?

  • Thirty minutes goes by surprisingly quickly, but may be sufficient, if you are sure you only have one or two questions.
  • Ninety minutes is more leisurely and allows for plenty of conversation and question.

After payment is made, I will contact you with date and time of appointment, as well as a contact number. When you make payment, please include contact information—a way for me to reach you—and also please advise the most convenient day and time for an appointment. If you have a specific date in mind, please advise—I will do my best to accommodate you, if possible. I am available days, evenings, and at night; weekdays as well as weekends.

I do not cast spells on behalf of other people; however, I am happy to recommend, advise, teach, and guide you through the spell-casting process. Please schedule a ninety-minute appointment.

Custom-blended condition oils, potions, powders, candles, and spell-kits are available

Contact Judika for price and availability.