Upcoming Appearances by Judika Illes

Date City Venue Country
05/07/17 Butler, New Jersey Soul Journey United States
Time: 12:00pm. Admission: $50.00. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: 973-838-6564. Address: 409 Main Street. Venue phone: 973-838-6564. Witchcraft Plants Workshop with Author Judika Illes Some plants are profoundly identified with witchcraft. They may be treasured for these associations or conversely, they may be shunned. What is it about these plants that underlies these associations? The reasons vary. Join author Judika Illes in an exploration of the witchcraft plants: how to recognize them, benefit from the, and cultivate relationships with your plant spirit familiars. -Some witchcraft plants produce euphoria or intoxication -Some are ethneogenic -Some possess power over life and death, benefiting the reproductive system or causing death -Some have strong associations with Pagan deities -Some are wild and prickly, resisting human control These plants range from the poisonous wolfsbane to the seemingly innocuous apple. Among the plants we’ll discuss are rue, mugwort, mandrake, poppies, assorted roots and trees, datura, belladonna, and vervain. Buy Tickets

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