Enter a world of magic and power—the world of witchcraft...

Within the pages of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, you will meet mythic witches, modern witches, goddess witches, even demon witches, male and female witches, witches from all over the globe. . . Encyclopedia of Witchcraft is a comprehensive celebration of all facets of the ancient art of witchery. From fairy tales to familiars, from hags to healers, from ancient Egypt to modern Wicca and Neo-Paganism, from William Shakespeare to Harry Potter, this definitive reference book reveals the many faces of thousands of years of witchcraft.

Author Judika Illes leads you on a journey through witchcraft's history, mythology, and folklore. Discover magic spells, rituals, potions, recipes, celebrations, traditions, and much more in Encyclopedia of Witchcraft.

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Defense Against the Dark Arts

Defense Against the Dark Arts at Magickal Realms in the Bronx Sunday, August 21st at 2:00 pm Hexes, curses, the Evil Eye! Jinxes, tricks, and plain old mean people! The world is filled with dangers that the educated spell-caster knows … Continue reading


A Workshop with Author Judika Illes at Mirabai Books in Woodstock, NY Sunday, July 17, 2016 from 2:00-5:00 pm Magic spells exist for many purposes and goals, but, in short, they are intended to improve your life. Spells are cast … Continue reading

Goddesses of the Dark Moon at Mirabai Books of Woodstock

There are goddesses associated with new moons and goddesses associated with full moons. The popular sacred triad of Maiden, Mother, Crone is based on the rhythmic and visible cycle of waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. This is not … Continue reading

Secrets of Spell-casting

August 2, 2015: A Workshop with author Judika Illes at The Holy Rose in Raleigh The mystic arts of spell-casting are intended to serve very practical purposes. Forget Charmed’s old assertions about not casting spells for personal gain: the ancient … Continue reading

Nyx alongside the Prophet Isaiah, 10th century Paris Psalter

Goddesses of the Dark Moon

There are goddesses associated with new moons and goddesses associated with full moons. There are magic spells associated with the waxing moon, for example spells to increase fertility, cash flow, or hair growth. There are also spells associated with the … Continue reading

Saint Martha 14 Day Candles

In fulfillment of a vow, we have available for sale two heavily embellished fourteen day candles for Saint Martha. The image used is the one traditionally found on botanica candles, but we have given Martha the full glamour treatment, as … Continue reading