Fundamentals of Spell-casting with Judika Illes

In the beginning was the word . . . and the word soon became a spell.

If you travel around the world, from urban centers to the most remote regions, searching for shared human common denominators, you will discover the magic spell to be in the forefront. Spell-casting is among the most primordial of all human arts. People from all walks of life– from the least educated to the most highly educated, the spiritually devout and atheists alike– have historically relied on spell-casting to provide solutions for problems as well as to improve quality of life, especially when other, more conventional methods have failed. They continue to do so today. A high IQ isn’t required to cast a magic spell nor is it necessary to possess special paranormal powers. Anyone can cast an effective spell, but—as the old blues song says—you gotta know how.

We are privileged to live in a rare magical renaissance, a time when spell-casting can be discussed openly, rather than whispered in the shadows, as it has been for centuries. Seize the moment: join Judika Illes, author of The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spell-Casting, for a three-hour workshop focused on the fundamentals of spell-casting, the practical and philosophical, as well as the mystical. Crucial methods and techniques for effective spell-casting will be covered.

Topics to be explored include:

  • Working with botanicals of all kinds, crystals, and animal familiars
  • The philosophy of fire: candle magic
  • Discovering your spiritual allies and enhancing your own personal magical powers
  • Spirit working
  • Folk magic traditions from around the world, including North American hoodoo, Italian stregheria, and Mexican curanderismo.

Bring your questions and concerns. Judika will have books available for purchase and is happy to sign books you already have.

Pre-registration is required


Hilton Garden Inn

70 Challenger Road

Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660


  • Early bird special: $30.00, if paid for by January 20, 2012.
  • After January 21: $35.00
  • Payment may be made by PayPal or check.
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Make checks out to Order of the World Tree and mail to:

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