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Dragonflame: Speaking with Lawren Leo of New Moon Books

Brick-and-mortar metaphysical shops are currently an endangered species. They are outposts for those who seek magical communities, as well as esoteric books, supplies, and materials. Not least, these stores provide the means for writers of books on the magical arts … Continue reading

Orishas, Rosaries, and Radio Bastet: An interview with Marisa Young of Boveda Beads

Although many people associate rosaries almost exclusively with Catholicism, in fact, the tradition of praying with beads extends to many spiritual traditions. Marisa Young, Santera and priest of Yemaya, is the creative genius behind Boveda Beads, a company that offers spiritually powerful jewelry and rosaries dedicated to Orishas. It is my pleasure to interview Marisa about Orisha rosaries, Boveda Beads, her own spiritual journey and more.

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An Interview with Katalin Csikos, Creator of HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot

I am a person of many loves and passions, among them the tarot and the Hawaiian islands. These loves are shared by artist Katalin Csikos. Also like me, Katalin has roots in Hungary. Katalin has expressed her passion for Hawaii—its history, land, people, and traditional spirituality—through her creation of HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot. I conducted this interview with her in 2011.

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