Goddesses of the Dark Moon

Lilith Queen of the Night the Burney PlaqueThere are goddesses associated with new moons and goddesses associated with full moons. There are magic spells associated with the waxing moon, for example spells to increase fertility, cash flow, or hair growth. There are also spells associated with the waning moon, particularly banishing spells or spells to encourage weight loss. The popular sacred triad of Maiden, Mother, Crone is based on the rhythmic and visible cycle of waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. This is not everything, however. These are not all the lunar phases. Something is missing. Henry_Meynell_Rheam_-_The_Sorceress_1898

What about those nights when the moon disappears? The moon is hidden for approximately three nights between the waning moon and the Nyx alongside the Prophet Isaiah in the 10th century Paris Psalterfirst sighting of the new moon. It is a liminal time— a time between moons. It is the darkness of this lunar phase that enables the first sighting of the new moon to be so clear, visible, and dramatic. This liminal quality of the dark moon phase confers tremendous magical power, but because many people are afraid of darkness, it is also a time associated with danger and hence these powers are rarely discussed.
• Which goddesses are associated with the hidden dark moon?
• What magical powers are in ascendance during these mysterious nights?
• How can we draw upon these powers to improve our lives?
V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.

Traditionally, it has been witches who did not fear to venture out into the darkness. The nights of the dark moon are witching nights and, not surprisingly, the goddesses associated with this lunar phase are among the witchiest of all: Lilith, Hekate, Nyx, Proserpina, Medusa, Nephthys, and Kali, among others. All have been considered dangerous, volatile beings, but are also goddesses of tremendous generosity and power. They are goddesses of life and death and the liminal in-between.

Join author Judika Illes for a discussion of dark moon goddesses: who they are, how to approach and work with them, and why you might wish to do so. We will also explore the unique energies of the dark moon phase; how they can benefit us; and how they can help us realize and maximize our own individual veiled and hidden powers.
• Friday, 20 March at 7:00 pm at Beans, Books, and Candles in Birmingham, Alabama
• Saturday, 18 April at 12 noon at Soul Journey in Butler, New Jersey
(More information on these goddesses and many others may be found in Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes)