The Big Book of Practical Spells

A Complete Course in Spellcasting

A comprehensive course in practical magic contained in one single book. No jargon, no agenda: The Big Book of Practical Spells simply presents and explains the various components of spellcasting in plain, simple language. It walks you through the spell process, from beginning to conclusion, detailing all aspects and facets. All the information required to be a functional and successful spellcaster is included. Read the book and get ready to spell. Simple enough for novices to use and understand, The Big Book of Practical Spells also contains sophisticated information to satisfy adepts and to maintain relevance past the beginner’s stage.

The first half of The Big Book of Practical Spells is devoted to explaining and discussing various aspects of spellcasting while the second half contains a collection of spells, most of which are not contained in The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells.

The Big Book of Practical Spells is a new edition of the now out-of-print Earth Mother Magic. It is essentially a new and improved Earth Mother Magic, given a new name, new cover and new life by a new publisher. Nothing has been removed from the older version. Various typographical and printing errors were corrected. A few paragraphs have been added for enhanced clarity. The source guide advising where spell materials may be found has been updated and enhanced. Otherwise it is basically the same book.

Included in The Big Book of Practical Spells:

  • What is magic? Identifying and understanding Earth’s magic powers.
  • How spells work and what it means when sometimes they don’t.
  • The single most important ingredient of every spell: Discover, explore and enhance your own personal power.
  • Discover your own personal protectors—spirits, animal allies, stones and plants.
  • The magic power of dreams.
  • Candle magic, enchanted baths, amulets, botanicals, crystals, incense and more.