Anna Henle Von Aichstetten

Anna was born on November 18, 1871 in Allgau in the German region of Swabia. On the day of her first communion, an angel appeared to her and requested that Anna choose one of three things: a harp, a crown of roses, or a crown of thorns.

Anna chose the crown of thorns and was immediately and inexplicably paralyzed for the next sixty-six years, until her death on 21 February 1950. During this time, her life was filled with vivid mystical experiences. In 1884, she experienced a vision of the Blessed Mother. At age sixteen, she received the stigmata. Although she was bedridden, she was seen to bilocate. Anna is among the saints credited with holy inedia: she lived virtually without food. Anna was an ecstatic, visionary prophet. Following her death, miracles have been reported. A German-language biography was published in 1972: Anna Henle: Die Stigmatisierte von Aichstetten im Allgau by Franz Tengg.